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Malifaux. How to paint zombie punk.

Hi guys!

It's Halloween time when hideous monsters are lurking outside. I would like to present a guide for painting your creatures so that they look decent enough in this company.

I took a batch of minies by Malifauxbut this guide will also suite any other creaturesthat cannot sleep calmly in their wooden overcoats on a cosy graveyard.

Let's get down to businessbefore you are bored to death withthese senseless scribbles.

After a mini has been assembled, I primed it and painted it with Dark Fleshtone (Vallejo/V) using airbrush.

I airbrushedthe skin with Dwarf Skin (V) and the trousers with Terra Earth (V)to highlight them.

I tinted the shadow with thinned Heavy Violet (V) and washed the base wih German Cam Black Brown (V).

After that I highlighted the skin with Pale Flesh (V) using the airbrush.

I painted the hair black with Abaddon Black (GW Citadel/С). Then I airbrushed the base White (V) and added Moon Yellow (V).

After that I started adding highlights on the trousers.

To get the texture of old fabrics, I drew a kind of netted pattern. I started with Terra Earth (V) and then added Bonewhite (V).

Using the airbrush, I sprayed the hair with Scarlet Red (V). At this stage I also washed the hair with Abaddon Black (С) and highlighted it with a mixture of Scarlet Red (V) andMoon Yellow (V).

I painted the blades with Abaddon Black (С).

Then I used a mixture of German Cam Black Brown (V) and Terra Earth (V) to paint a netted pattern on the shadowed part of the trousers.

I returned to the blades. Iapplied German Grey (V) asa middlecoat. Layer by layerIadded a bit of DeadWhite (V) on the specks of light on the blade and its edges so that they turned almost white.

For the belt I used German Cam Black Brown (V)as a basic color. The middle tone is Mournfang Brown (С). Then I added highlights on the surface and painted a texture of cracked leather with a mixture of MournfangBrown (C) and Bonewhite (V).

At this point I also started to paint bottles and pieces of glass. I used cam green (V) as a basic tone.

After that I added Scorpion Green (C)bit by bit. I painted specks of light adding the white paint.

Then I drew the bottle labels using black and light blue.

I painted gloves by layers: I started from German Cam Black Brown (V) as a basic tone and then added Bonewhite (V).

At this stage I also painted tsuba (a hand guard) and kashira (abutt cap) of the katana. I used Dark Fleshtone (V), Mournfang Brown (C), Moon Yellow (V) and the white paint.

I applied a light coat of Shade Seraphim Sepia (C) and covered the mini with matt varnish.

Then you need a very thin string – I used a couple of my own hair for that. I glued them onto the parts where I intended to make the drips of blood. I cut off the longest hair.

I made the hair look thicker by applying some PVA glue on them.

ThenIpoured some Blood For The Blood God (C) on the miniatures to create the blood effect. To do this, I took some of this blood paint with a large brush, placed the brush just next to the mini (about one centimeter away) and blew air on it from the airbrush. I also spread some blood paint over the blades and the hair. After that I thought a bit and paintedthe edge of the baseblack.

Whentheminidried completely, I glued on some grass flock on the base.

Here is the set of dead men I got in the end.

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