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Necromunda. City Fight Bases. Puddles of Acid.

По просьбе заграничных коллег гайды потихоньку будут переведены на английский. Начну со старого про кислотные подставки.

I started making a Necromunda band.
To make city fight bases we will take standard bases for Warhammer 40k, a boarding plank of an ork trukk and a barrel.

First, remove parts you do not need from the flat upper part of the base with pliers. Leave only the rim (of course, you can leave larger parts of the base if you need them). Then, smooth the rim with the sandpaper and glue it on a flat piece of plastic.

I used a PVC sheet for this. But if you do not have such, the plastic from any hard plastic packages will do.
Glue pieces of the boarding plank and the barrel on the base foundation you have made.

Paint the bottom parts of the bases where you plan to apply the 'acid' slime, green. To make it faster, I used an airbrush but you can use an ordinary brush, of course. You do not have to apply the paint neatly on the bottom unless you want to make the 'acid' layer transparent.

We also paint the other parts of the base at this stage.

After that, mix some Still Water dispersion and a bit of scorpion green paint (GW) in a separate container. Use a syringe to apply it neatly on the base.

I left the bases to dry for a night.
In the morning, I found the substance had shrunk leaving large holes. And that's where the mixture remaining in the syringe came in handy. Of course, if I used it all, I could have mixed some extra stuff but there was a risk to miss the right amount of the paint in the Still Water.

It must be noted that the applied mixture lost its volume and shrunk several times while drying. That is why I added more Still Water bit by bit on the bases. I repeated the procedure until I got the result that satisfied me. Yet, after I made the photos, I noticed that one of the bases was under-filled.

And here is a close-up photo of the two of the bases.

I hope you will find this master class useful.

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